If you are interested in travelling to Greece as a volunteer, please familiarise yourself with our information. For this undertaking, we ask you to consider that we need independent, robust people who are able to use their initiative. swisscross.help is currently supporting refugees in Sindos, Thessonaliki. In the two refugee camps, Karamanlis and Frakapor, we are working with over 1,000 refugees. We are the ongoing and daily point of contact in both sites. We operate the grocery market for the Cultural Centre, within which is the learning centre for children. In Karamalis we support the storage facility for this.

As a colunteer it is best if you hate sleep.

-- Samuel Räber

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You can download the PDF alternatively from our dropbox.

Volunteering with swisscross.help Film Sindos


Watch this film of our volunteers in Sindos, filmed on the 16th June.

Volunteering with swisscross.help Film Idomeni


Watch this film of our volunteers in Idomeni, filmed on the 16th May.

We fight for humanity. Expect us to win!